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Shadow is a high-end gaming PC, with Windows 10, that you rent.

Whether it’s for playing the most demanding titles or just an improvised Battle Royale, your Shadow brings you the performance you can expect from a high-end machine. Experience gaming at max settings with an optimal image quality and framerate. And the best part is... Shadow offers you an entire PC, not a restricted access to a library of titles. So, you can install and play all your games, exactly the way you want.

You can access your Shadow on any device. Transform your old PC, laptop or Mac into a high-end PC, run the latest games on your mobile phone, or use your smart Android TV as a supercharged console. You can even seamlessly switch from one device to another! Download the Shadow apps for all platforms and experience the exact same performance anywhere you choose:
Desktop – Windows, macOS & Ubuntu

Mobile – Android & Apple iOS

Monthly discount subscription avaialble to Ukie Members. 


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