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Simple Video Games expands your studio to the cloud and provides cloud-based collaborative solutions for dev teams and digital content creators. It is fully running and has fantastic applications and projects in Video Games, Animation and VFX, as well as Education. 

Simple offers global cloud and virtual machine solutions based on IBM for secure remote collaborative development of graphic content and projects. I was stunned by the potential of this solution to help the video games industry and digital creators and some of our common friends confirmed its massive application and advantages for dev.

It is fully customisable to your current way of working (no need to change processes or workflows) and can integrate all engines (Unreal, Unity and any proprietary engine), plug-ins, apps and softwares in a fully secure environment that only you control. Also, it can work in an hybrid environment expanding your current infrastructure and evidently handles multi-site studios.

It corresponds to a lot of problematics of our industry including among others on-boarding and management of remote artists, secure management of subcontractors, solutions that are instantly scalable up and down depending on the moment you are in within your dev cycle, control of costs and times and enables parallel working, reducing dev time.

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