Slingshot Cartel

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We work differently. We start with a small creative team, who focuses on the game design, the story, the look and style as its only priority, without the pressure’s that often inhibit this process. The sole purpose of this group is to build the foundations for an incredible gaming experience.

We then use our 60 years of experience and Associates to select the right development team for the job, bring in finance for the product through our investor networks and direct the entire production to launch and beyond

Having steered Multi million Dollar marketing budgets for over 10 years, we are perfectly placed to work, influence or even design campaigns, and again, get the best bang for our collective bucks when it comes to media and promotion.

And through our excellent relationships with the 1st parties and platform holders we can get our games into the hands of gamers.

The Slingshot Model
The Slingshot model is very focused on getting two things right from day one. 1) Building wonderful worlds to lose yourself in and 2) only spending money in the most effective and efficient way for the project.

We have the luxury of being able to create new IP with no ticking time bomb or an idle team costing money.

With this freedom we create new experiences, not just variations of whatever the team did last.

Once we have something we know will be great, then we go out and select the right development approach, the marketing, PR and ongoing service management with the best in class partners.

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