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I’ve spent a lot of time wondering what kinds of games I want to make. I’ve come up with three words that I think sum it up, in a kind of airy-fairy, arty-farty, nebulous, ‘feely’ way.

Juicy - Every single interaction should feel good. Better than good. Every single interaction should bring a smile to your face and plant an itch in your brain… an itch that demands you keep on scratching it.

Spicy - Create something with a bit of a kick. A hidden element, a surprise, something that a player will go away and think about - be it a gameplay system or a thematic element.

Exuberant - Never do anything by halves, and celebrate as much as possible. 

I know what I love to play, and I know that deep down I want to make the games I love to play.

So far, I’ve managed to skirt some of these elements, or make them appear in a not-quite-purposeful manner, in Crunch: The Game andHard Lines, as well as the upcoming Lazarus.

But from this day forward (9th August, 2013) these three words are my only touchstones.

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