The Tiniest Shark

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The Tiniest Shark is an indie games development microstudio based in the UK. In fact, it's so very micro that it is currently a one-woman company. That one woman is Mitu Khandaker-Kokoris, whose ramblings you can read on her blog.

The Tiniest Shark was responsible for the development of Redshirt, a satirical sci-fi social networking simulation game, released in November 2013, and available on PC, Mac, and Linux, and published by Positech Games.

The company is currently in the preliminary stages of a new, unannounced game project.

Mission Statement
Our continuing mission: "To explore strange new gameworlds, to seek out new life and new simulations. To boldly code where no-one has gone before..."

Or, to put it more seriously, The Tiniest Shark's mission statement is to make games which are different. Games which arethoughtful. Games which are, basically, quite quirky. There is such a breadth of genre-defying game ideas out there, and our mission is to explore these ideas.

About Mitu
Aside from being the one-woman team behind The Tiniest Shark, Mitu Khandaker-Kokoris is also a videogames PhD researcher (at University of Portsmouth, UK). She also holds a Masters in Computer Engineering. She often speaks on game development (including on the BBC), entrepreneurship, games culture, and diversity issues, and is on the Advocacy Committee for the Game Developer's Conference 2014. She was named aBAFTA Breakthrough Brit 2013, was one of the Develop Top 30 Under 30 Developers to watch in 2012, and was a Kauffman Global Scholar in 2007.

Also, she is pretty obsessed with Carl Sagan. Just saying.

Why 'The Tiniest Shark'?
Solo indie game development can be a lonely, difficult sort of endeavour. That's why mascots are important; especially when they are imaginary sharks. Additionally, when one is but a tiny fish in the huge pond of indie games development, it is important for a sense of discipline and perspective to keep in mind the wisdom of a once-great philosopher - "There's always a bigger fish." (Qui-Gon Jinn, 32 BBY)

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