Utopian World of Sandwiches

Back in the early 80s 3 babies were born that would grow up surrounded by huge clunky computers and awesome 80s cartoons… these 3 babies would meet around 27 years later surrounded by shiny, tiny phones and working in bland corporate jobs, they would get drunk and talk about games and 80s kids cartoons. One random day they realised they all had the same dream to make computer games of their own, and with their powers combined, they could actually do that quite well. And so the Utopian World of Sandwiches was born… although it didn’t know it was the Utopian World of Sandwiches yet.
The name came about after several heart to heart chats about how we believe that the best way to make a game is in the same way that you make a sandwich for a loved one. It then became the code word that we used to talk to each other about it and a metaphor of our vision of the future; where we could hang out together and make cool games all day long.
We aim to make games where our player’s experiences and emotions are the most important drivers of design.
When we start to create a game we have no set rules of what it could or should be. We try and if we fail, we try something else. We want to make fun and quirky games. We have one rule: if we don't have fun playing it then we shouldn't make it. Above all we aim to make games that we love, so that you can love them too.

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