We Heart Dragons

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We Heart Dragons is the award winning * micro indie games studio of Alex Trowers and Leanne Bayley.  Alex and Leanne started making games together in 2013, they chose the name We Heart Dragons after using it as their team name for the Global Game Jam that year.

“We also have a motto; ‘Arida Sepium Est’ or ‘it is Dried Cuttlefish’!  After our first game Glyph Quest was reviewed in Famitsu Magazine and described as a Cuttlefish Game we had to look up why, Glyph Quest has little to nothing to do with seafood!  Turns out it’s a phrase in Japanese, Dried Cuttlefish is a dish that tastes better the more you chew it , so our game was one that got better the more you play it.  It’s a mantra we want to carry with all of our games” – Leanne

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