Aura Games Limited

About the Studio

Aura Games is an independent games development studio based in Portsmouth, UK. Our motto is “the story never ends", because at Aura Games our primary focus when creating our games is one epic story across all of our games. We operate a one universe concept; all of our games take place in a single universe. This means that events in one game can bleed into other, and your actions in one game can affect events in seemingly unconnected games.

We’re currently developing our first game, The Requiem Network, with a view to releasing a beta in September 2018. The Requiem Network is a 2D sci-fi time travelling platformer set across 11 different time periods. For more information check our games page and our development blog!

The Requiem Network 

The Requiem Network is a sci-fi, time travelling, 2D retrovania RPG (try saying that after a few drinks) set across various time zones. The Requiem Network aims to deliver an AAA studio sci-fi storyline to the indie-game scene. Alongside the game’s RPG features players explore 9 levels, based on the former home worlds of fallen hyper-advanced civilisations, all falling to their knees in the face of a common enemy, the Empire of Revenant.

Delivered through Bishop and his AI companion AX-15 (‘Axis’), the story is full of the twists, turns and paradoxes you would expect from a time travelling sci-fi. Discover the true evil of the Empire of Revenant, and mount a defence against their attack on Earth, lest it suffer the same fate as the worlds within the Requiem Network. 

Platform: PC, Nintendo Switch


Main Contact: Richard Burnham (Managing Director)#

Looking to speak with: Investors, Publishers and Press. 

Reach out to for an introduction.