Barebones Monetisation: Creating Value for Players

According to Superdata “Free-to-play titles amassed 80% of digital games revenue in 2018 but premium games
still performed well in Western markets”* but to understand if your game is best suited as paid-up-front, free
to play or some kind of hybrid offering (e.g. DLC) you need to understand what your players want and the best
way to engage them.

Over the last 20 years developers, publishers and platforms have been learning and adapting the best
strategies for turning the craft of game making into revenue models which work for players; no more so than
in the last 5 years! Regardless of the platform (PC/Console/Mobile/XR) we all face the same issue – how will
players pay for my game?

To provide a framework to answer this question, Fundamentally Games is presenting a workshop to help
developers making games understand how to create value for their players in a way that also delivers an
income from it – without damaging the player experience!

The Barebones Monetisation model explores:

  • What players value in your game
  • Designing for scale (Mechanic > Context > Metagame) 
  • How the player life-cycle affects their needs and reasons to act
  • Alternative forms of exchange (game rewards, IAP, ads, social sharing, subscriptions)
  • Friction versus player-fatigue
  • Why repeat purchase % needs more attention than ARPDAU

Attendees will be provided with an A3 template worksheet (and PDF) which we will be using during the session.  

Location: Ukie, Black bull Yard, 24-28 Hatton Wall, EC1N 8JH

Date: 2nd Of May 2019

Start: 2pm

Finish: 5pm

Price: £300 + VAT Per person 

TWO FOR ONE: We are offering a two for one deal for attendees to bring a colleague along, for free.

50% OFF SECOND WORKSHOP: We are running two half day workshops on the same day. See “Living the Dream: Business Strategy for Games Developers” or information on the other workshop. Attendance at both offers a 50% discount on the second workshop. Two for one offer can still apply. 

Once booked onto the course Ukie will connect you to Ella Romanos & Oscar Clark, who run the course. 
Booking information
Please contact Leon to register and Ukie will then invoice for payment.

Your booking is taken as confirmation and no refunds will be issued.

6 people (not including two for one attendees) required to run the course. In a case where the course does not run you will be issued a refund. 

Workshop Content
The workshop will focus on four sections consisting:

  • What does your player want? (uncovering the Utility in your game) 
  • Engagement-led design and the player lifecycle
  • Different forms of exchange and positioning
  • Retention and repeat purchase

Each section will consist of a short outline lecture (20 mins), group work (20 mins) and review (15 mins) where the course leaders will work with the participants to identify practical steps to refine the approach in each of these areas.

  • Workshop Take-aways
  • How to create value based on player needs
  • What types and forms monetisation can take in your game
  • The drivers for players to spend
  • What triggers players to spend now
  • Different forms of exchange for content in your game
  • Balancing fiction against player fatigue 
  • Building scale through engagement-led design and retention focus

The course will be run by Oscar Clark & Ella Romanos.

About Oscar
Oscar has a passion for games and online entertainment and for most of his career he’s been on the bleeding edge of Games As A Service.

As a game designer, product and business strategist he has extensive insight into what makes games successful and how to combine entertainment, community and sustainable businesses. He is a pioneer in games business model development, notably introducing the first recorded mobile in-app purchase model in 2003 whilst managing the 3UK Games portal. Oscar now focuses on providing design, market suitability and monetisation advice to developers and organisations.

He is the author of ‘Games As A Service’ and contributing author for ‘Mobile Developer’s Guide to The Galaxy’. Over his career he has worked with Unity Technologies and NVIDIA as an Evangelist, PlayStation as Home Architect, Real Networks as marketing manager, Three as Global Lead for Games and led the vision for the Wireplay games initiative at BT. He is a regular speaker, games award judge for events across the world and   writer for games media.

About Ella
Ella began working in games in 2008, setting up her first game development studio as a graduate. Over the last decade Ella has founded three development studios, focusing on work for hire and development of own and licensed IP.

Since 2014, Ella has also been providing strategic support as a consultant to other developers and organisations. With her background in programming and user experience design, and her experience in production, fundraising and company strategy, Ella works with a broad variety of companies to assist with the development of games and the games industry.

Ella regularly contributes to the UK games industry through her 5 years on the UKIE board, regularly speaking at industry events and writing articles published by various games press. Over the last decade years she has been awarded finalist in the ‘Innovator Of The Year’ category for Women In Technology Awards, named in Develop’s ‘Top 30 under 30’, been a finalist in the TIGA Awards Leadership category and twice listed in MCV's UK Top 100 Women in Games including as a finalist in the ‘Business Woman of the Year’ category.