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About Forwardfor Ltd

Take a heaped spoon of international award-winning digital media experience, a scoop of desire to do things a little differently, blitz it together with a hefty chunk of talented staff and you have a recipe for a successful games company, indeed you have Forward For.

Built  on  the  core  foundation  of  decades  of  digital  media experience,  that’s worked for clients such as BBC, Channel 4, S4C, EMI, Sony and Nestle, and the  life  blood  of  apprentices  that  have, seven  years  on,  become the corner stones of fresh and exciting creative digital media.

Idle Animals

Idle Animals gets you nurturing a host of adorably odd creatures through its simple but addictive idle clicker gameplay. Unlock multilegged to no-legged friends across a variety of fun themed enclosures. Clean them, name them and upgrade them to maximise your earnings and expand your animal collection. Catch those pesky run-away animals to earn bonus extra coins and watch out for the ultra rare Unicorn which gives you valuable gems if caught.

Platform: iOS & Android


Main Contact: Adam Willis (Assistant Director)

Looking to speak with: Investors & Press

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