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About the Studio

We are a pair of game making Titans who love to create. We have over 20 years combined experience crafting games. 

Combined, our Titans have worked with some colossal partners! These partnerships have provided us with a wealth of experience developing products for most platforms and span over 20 games and projects. We have produced both 3D and 2D creations and have worked on projects ranging from action games, to lane based strategy games, to party games! We know our stuff! Check out our website here.

Squishy Sports

Squishy Sports is a family friendly, couch competitive, physics-based, 2D, a sports-centric party game where the characters are shapes and everything is SQUISHY! Squishy Sports smashes the visuals of saturday morning cartoons with addictive, local couch-competitive gameplay where players compete against each other in loads of unique sports modes!

Platform: Nintendo Switch and Steam (PC) (Currently)


Main Contact: Chris Jeffery (Technical Director & Co-Founder)

Looking to speak with: Investors & Publishers 

Reach out to for an introduction.