Milky Tea Studios

About the Studio

Milky Tea is a UK Game Development Studio. Established in Liverpool in 2005, the studio designs, makes and publishes its own video game intellectual property as well as offering “work for hire” game development services.

Over the years the studio has won or been nominated for nearly every major award in its industry, including prestigious awards from BAFTA, EMMY, Banff and TIGA.

In 2017 the studio was shortlisted by Creative England as one of the top 50 best up and coming, innovative and disruptive companies across film, games and digital technology.

In 2017, a leading integrated Internet services provider in China, Tencent, made an investment into the company. With this new partnership in place, Milky Tea has expanded the team in Liverpool, and is now working on exciting new gaming IPs.

HyperBrawl Tournament

The ultimate arcade-style sports brawler that lets you smash and score in heart-pounding, epic match-ups to claim the universe's greatest prize. 1-4 players face off in short-burst, quick-fire matches featuring edge-of-your seat action and goals galore!

Battle with your friends online or go it alone in modes such as the local ‘Campaign’ to online ‘Blitz’, earning glorious loot along the way to take on the tournament in style!

Master the gravity-defying HyperCurve, harness the devastating power of the HyperForce, and prepare for edge-of-your-seat action where every match is anyone's game. Enter the arena and claim your own victory!

Platform: PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch


Main Contact: Kevin Campbell (Publishing Manager)

Looking to speak with: Press 

Reach out to for an introduction.