Mind Fitness Training

29 April 2019

Unlock the Potential Within Yourself and Your Teams

A workshop and programme designed to enable people to live and work at their full potential. Mind Fitness cognitive training harnesses neuroscience to enable people to:

  • Increase performance
  • Build resilience
  • Manage stress
  • Identify and control emotional triggers
  • Embrace change
  • Develop better, more effective relationships

The Mind Fitness programme is the preventative half of the mental health equation.

One day Mind Fitness workshop at Ukie 

Booking Information

Please contact Leon to register and Ukie will then invoice for payment.


  • £100 + VAT Per person for non-members
  • £80 + VAT Per person for members

Course fees include a workbook containing the Mind Fitness 6 week follow up programme and trainers on call during the 6 weeks.

Location: Ukie, Black Bull Yard, 24-28 Hatton Wall, EC1N 8JH

Date: 08th June, 2019

Start: 10am

Finish: 5pm

*Your booking is taken as confirmation and no refunds will be issued.*

12 people required to run the course. In a case where the course does not run you will be issued a refund.

All participants receive an extensive workbook that can be personalised to create a roadmap to continued change. The workbook contains our 6-week follow up programme during which your Mind Fitness trainers are on call to ensure optimal utilisation and results.

Our book Unlock You (published by Pearson) is available on Amazon and in all good bookshops. 

We have had outstanding results working with a range of organisations, from small charities through to progressive corporates (including the Interactive Entertainment industry) and local government. We also work within the performing arts sector and support education with Mind Fitness teams in schools funded by Children in Need.

Our clients report stronger engagement, increased motivation and a greater sense of wellbeing within the workforce.

Mind Fitness workshop takeaways

  • You will be able to recognise a rigid, unhelpful belief and develop techniques to replace it with more flexible, helpful thinking. 
  • You will learn how to remain focussed and not let Automatic Negative Thoughts (ANTS) take over.
  • You will understand what stress is good and what is bad. You will know how to identify the good stress / bad stress line and re-cross to safety when necessary. 
  • You will be able to better recognise the physical symptoms of ‘fight or flight mode’ and will know simple techniques to return to a state in which you’re able to effectively function. 
  • You will understand what emotional and cognitive states aid new learning (the zone of proximal development) and know techniques to enter and ‘stretch’ this zone. 
  • You will be able to set personal goals that are attainable and, crucially, are in line with your beliefs.
  • You will understand which emotions are negative and unhealthy, and ways to change them to healthier emotions.
  • You will learn the common ‘thinking errors’ that are at the heart of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and practice exercises to help you to replace damaging and limiting ways of thinking.

Continuous Professional Development Accreditation

Mind Fitness workshops qualify attendees for credits towards continuous learning goals. Our training is accredited by The CPD Certification Service.

Why Mind Fitness in business?

The UK Health and Safety Executive reports that over 11 million working days are lost each year due to stress and stress-related illness. The 2017 Thriving at Work report calculates that the financial cost of poor mental health to British business is £42b per year. It states that the return on investment in supporting mental health in the workplace yields a tenfold benefit to the business.

We help you to support wellbeing in your organisation, enabling you to benefit from a happier more effective workforce along with lower absence and attrition.

Mind Fitness Content

Mind Fitness enables people to get out of their own way by uniquely fusing Cognitive Behavioural Coaching with Mindfulness practice to create an accessible and enjoyable learning experience. The 6-week follow up programme is designed to fit into the busiest of lives taking just 10 designated minutes a day. By the end of the programme new ways of thinking and effective coping mechanisms are embedded into daily life. 

Mind Fitness Delivery

Each slice of learning is immediately applied using group, pair and individual exercises that are designed to be non-exposing. We use a range of learning styles. Sessions are informative, interactive and fun.

For testimonials and client list, please visit our website.

The workshop will be run by Mind Fitness creators and Unlock You authors Andy Barker and Beth Wood

About Andy

Andy is a performance coach, trainer, writer and author with a diverse background in business and the performing arts. Experience ranging from London West End theatre to senior corporate management with PlayStation fired a fascination with personal development and human behaviour that led him to train in his specialisation of Cognitive Coaching.

Andy runs two companies; Andy Barker Coaching for his business-based coaching, training and personal development work, and Mind Fitness. He and Mind Fitness co-founder Beth Wood are the authors of Unlock You, published by Pearson. They work in organisations of all sizes, in the education and performing arts sectors and in the community. With their teams they run innovative workshops that train people to increase resilience, reduce anxiety and improve wellbeing.

About Beth

Beth and Andy together developed the Mind Fitness programme which draws upon mindfulness and other scientifically evidenced cognitive techniques to help people to get out of their own way and achieve their potential. Beth is a highly experienced Mindfulness practitioner with a background in theatre.

She has written numerous plays and other published works. In recent years her focus has been on inclusive theatre, using drama as a developmental tool. As well as Mind Fitness, Beth runs Prospero Theatre which builds arts programmes and projects around social as well as artistic objectives. She loves every bit of what she does!

Other Course Optiions 

Ukie also offer members Mind Fitness workshop options at locations of their choice.

Course Options:

  • Half day workshop
  • One day workshop
  • Train the Trainer (1.5 days / resources provided) Details below.
  • Company away-day sessions

To book or for more information please contact Leon.

Mind Fitness - Train the Trainer

If you have a large workforce or your business operation prevents you from taking whole teams out together, then you may wish to consider our highly popular Train the Trainer programme. This is a 1.5 day in-depth course (can be taken as 3 half days or 5 x 2 hours.) We work with the key personnel you have selected to deliver the Mind Fitness programme to the rest of your employees.

The course is neatly sectioned into 8 subject areas that can be delivered separately if required. Each subject area is backed up with quality resources that will enable your key team to impart the information and test the understanding. The Mind Fitness team remain on hand during the programme.


‘We clearly need to look after the mental health of our workforce. Mind Fitness brings together ethics and the bottom line. An employee that is Mind Fit will be more positive and motivated and will inevitably contribute more to the business.’

David Gold – Chairman, West Ham United and Gold Group International

‘I can honestly say it’s the best day I’ve had in a very long time, learning different strategies for coping with stress, dealing with anxiety, and looking after ourselves. If you work for a company that might be thinking about buying in something like this, we can thoroughly recommend Mind Fitness.’.

Linda Smith – Manager of Caterham Children’s Centre

‘I attended Mind Fitness training in late 2018. This has had a positive impact on my organisation and me personally. Personal resilience has become a key attribute for the modern public service manager. The exercises and coping strategies have left the management team in a good place and ready to embrace the changes we face. The range of exercises meant that there was something for everyone to take from the day. I believe the case can be made for increased resilience across the whole organisation that will reduce the costs of absence due to mental health issues. As a result, I am currently working on plans to roll out this training to the whole council.’

Alan Robinson - Manager, West Lindsey District Council

‘I can’t tell you how positive the feedback has been from our Mind Fitness workshop. In supervision sessions, all participants mentioned how useful they found the training and how pleased they were that we were considering mental health and wellbeing. I’ve had a positive reaction from 100% of people who have given feedback. Thanks so much for a really empowering, thought provoking and helpful day.’

Victoria Goody - Chief Executive, Us in a Bus