About Niffler

At Niffler we believe that games should not simply be a passive experience, so we publish games that are fun to play & make. 

Our aim is to develop games that are not only great to play, but also allow the player to create their own content using tools that are as simple to use as playing the games themselves.

Chuck’s Challenge 3D 2020

In 1992 Chip’s Challenge 1 was one of the first PC games ever to be modded on Windows 3.1, with players making and sharing their own levels. For nearly three decades we’ve continued to support the community and its creative play.

There are three versions of Chuck’s Challenge:

  • The first version was released on Apple iOS devices in 2010
  • The second was funded by a Kickstarter campaign, a NVIDIA Shield launch title in 2013, Steam Greenlight game in 2014 and rebuilt with the Unity 3D game engine, so called Chuck’s Challenge 3D
  • Finally, the latest version is a PC remaster, which has been in development for about a year and is called Chuck’s Challenge 3D 2020

Chuck’s Challenge embraces newer game design ideas, including:

  • Undo Ability
  • In-Built Level Editor
  • AR Support
  • Small Tighter Levels: so puzzles are less repetitive
  • Cross Device Cloud Platform Support: to share players levels and times

Platform: Steam – PC, Mac & Linux 


Main Contact: Barnabas Cleave (CEO)

Looking to speak to: Investors

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