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About the Studio

We believe games have the power to change everything. Great games inspired people since the dawn of humanity and we will still be playing games when are all living inside asteroids, in the depths of space.

Games push the boundaries of what is possible in technology and art. Playtra wants to create those games. We aspire to be pioneers, creating the new worlds that players will inhabit for many years to come.

Playtra's values are: Redefine fun, build memories and create legacy. That is a monumental task, and we want you, independent thinkers, visionary artists and ground-breaking innovators, to join our ranks

Grid Fight 

Grid Fight is a swift tactical/action game that follows the story of Donna and her friends across the all-female cities of Gora.

Move rapidly around the grid-shaped arenas, avoiding deadly attacks and dynamically swapping units, using their abilities to defeat or recruit more than 100 original characters.

Grid Fight features a unique graphic style inspired by 70’s poster art and an original 90’s pop-heavy score.

Platform: Nintendo Switch


Main Contact: Nicola Strina (Business Developer, Community Manager)

Looking to speak with: Publishers, Investors. 

each out to for an introduction.