Pretty Digital

About the Studio

Pretty Digital Ltd is a small indie games company with a focus on creating interesting games from a child’s perspective.

Set up by Constance Fleuriot and currently developing  Kissy Kissy! a family-friendly game for 4+ year olds, with support from UKGamesFund.

Pretty Digital runs gamesjams and creative sessions for all levels of experience and expertise; from short workshops to long weekends these encourage individual creativity as well as group achievement and are great for developing communication skills and team-building with participants. Constance has a long history of devising creative technology workshops and enjoys developing supportive, fun, inclusive, creative spaces with people aged 5-85+! Constance was co-founder of Grrrl Games & Women’s Tech Hub ~ Bristol Other community initiatives in development include Still Game – encouraging people over 50 to make games.

Kissy Kissy!

Kissy Kissy!  is a cute, quirky & co-operative family-friendly game for two players - it is silly, fun and fast. Tiger & Bee want to avoid being kissed by over-enthusiastic Grandparents, so players work together to build dens to hide in with Teddy. If the Grandparents kiss Tiger or Bee three times you start again.

The game runs on pc or mac with any combination of game controllers plugged in via USB, or players can share the keyboard.

In the interests of family harmony there is an option to make Tiger and/or Bee unkissable so it is even easier for younger children or older grandparents to play.

Platform: PC/Mac


Main Contact: Constance Fleuriot (Writer & Game Developer)

Looking to speak with: Investors & Publishers

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