Spilt Milk Studios

About the Studio

We’re a tiny independent game developer consisting of Andrew J Smith (Design Director), Andrew Roper (Technical Director) and Nicholas Lovell (Non-Executive Director) - based in London, UK. We were founded in 2010, and are still here, still making games… that’s pretty legit if you ask us. We like to go to games festivals, take part in gamejams, and endeavour to support and celebrate this wonderful industry of ours in any way we can.


STARGRAVE REAPERS is a sci-fi action game wrapped in roguelike meta, progression & pacing that sees the player’s death - and that of the entire world around them - as a core part of the narrative & game loop.

Showcase Video

Platform: PC, Console

Website: www.spiltmilkstudios.com

Main Contact: Andrew Smith (CEO)

Looking to speak with: Publishers, Investors. 

Reach out to Leon@ukie.org.uk for an introduction.