Ukie Hotline 2020: Harbottle & Lewis LLP - Kostyantyn Lobov

Information & Contact Details

Kostyantyn Lobov from Harbottle & Lewis LLP is available to answer questions on the Ukie Hotline. Read on for more information.  

About Harbottle & Lewis LLP

Harbottle & Lewis has been advising video game clients since the introduction of the 8-bit console and is recognised as one of the leading law firms in the sector. We act for a broad range of companies in the industry, including multi-national publishers; small and large studios; console, PC and mobile games financiers; AR and VR businesses; online platforms; esports organisations; middleware and software providers, localisation companies, trade publishers, and leading industry figures.

We are a full service firm and regularly advise on, among other things:

  • development and publishing agreements, and various other commercial contracts;
  • intellectual property protection, licensing and enforcement;
  • dispute resolution and litigation;
  • video games tax relief;
  • corporate investment and fundraising;
  • advertising, marketing and consumer protection; and
  • employment and freelancer arrangements.