Ukie Hotline: Oury Clark - Andrew Oury, James Pleace & Rachel Lockwood

Information & Contact Details

On the 07th August, 10:00am - 16:00pm, Andrew Oury, James Pleace & Rachel Lockwood from Oury Clark are available to answer questions on the Ukie Hotline. Read on for more information.  

About Oury Clark

Oury Clark is a cross-discipline firm of Lawyers and Accountants established in 1935. We act for CCP and Rovio, along with many smaller games companies, and can assist in all aspects of structuring, tax and legal advice. 

What can Oury Clark help me with during the Hotline? 

Review legal contracts for:

  • How to structure your business most effectively?
  • How to do Tax Credit Claims? 

If you’d like to talk to us please get in touch!