Ukie Hotline: Parker Consulting - Nick Parker

Information & Contact Details

On the 15th August, 10:00am - 16:00pm, Nick Parker from Parker Consulting is available to answer questions on the Ukie Hotline. Read on for more information.  

About Parker Consulting

Nick Parker has been in the games industry since 1992 when he started at Nintendo as Head of Business Analysis then became VP Strategic Planning and Head of Internet Strategy at Sony PlayStation (SIEE). Since corporate life, Nick, nominated as one of the most influencial people in the UK games industry by MCV,  has been one of the primary sources of market information and more recently one of the go-to resources for raising capital and advising on investment, what type of investment is required, what it’s for and where to find it. He serves as a non-exec director on a number of boards and investor ICs and has raised finance for over a dozen businesses in recent years.

What type of questions can I ask Nick? 

  • What do I need investment for – such as grow the business, fund the next project, fund a spin off?
  • What type of investment do I need? Debt or equity or hybrids?
  • Who would be the best type of investor for me?
  • Do I need to be SEIS/EIS ready?
  • Can you assist the company to be ‘business ready’ in order to attract investment?
  • Can you introduce me to an investor?
  • When we receive the investment, can you advise on how to run the business going forward?

If you’d like to talk to us please get in touch!