Ukie Hotline: Tripp Associates - James Dodd

Information & Contact Details

On the 05th of August, 10:00am - 16:00pm, James Dodd from Tripp Associates is available to answer questions on the Ukie Hotline. Read on for more information.  

About James

James is the senior consultant for the industry at Martin Tripp Associates.  He has been a diehard gamer and tech fiend since childhood and has recruited leaders for numerous tech businesses, as well as directors and chief execs into the entertainment industry.  In a previous life he was also a professional dancer, choreographer, actor and animatronic/prosthetic performer.  Ukie interviewed him last year. If you want to hear more about what got him into games and what he does which may help you, you can read the interview on ukie’s website at 

About Martin Tripp Associates

Martin Tripp Associates is a London-based executive search consultancy. We work across the entertainment, tech, media, information and communications industries. This means we can bring best practice from across the sectors to your business. We also work for brands outside the media sector who need media skills. Since the company was founded in 2008, we have placed C-level directors, MDs, and department leads around the world. We have worked throughout Europe and the US, as well as in China and Hong Kong, Singapore, Russia, the Middle East, and South America. Between the founders and consultants, we have over 50 years’ experience in our sectors as practitioners and headhunters. Finding real leadership is tough. We put in the hard work. 

What type of questions can I ask James?

  • Why aren’t we attracting the candidates we actually want / How do we attract the best people
  • Can you advise me of the types of role and skill sets I need to bring into my company, to grow the business / increase productivity / take a load off
  • How do we achieve our diversity goals
  • How can we achieve funding
  • How can you help us add value to my business
  • What’s your favourite game

James is looking forward to answering your questions.