Ukie IP services - protecting your IP from copyright infringement

Ukie’s IP services offer a number of tools and that can help games businesses to protect their IP.

Ukie’s IP services

The services available to games businesses include:

  • Web scanning – we monitor download and torrent sites that make available infringing game files. Tracking over 400 titles, multiple times a day, for nearly 40 games companies resulting in over half a million infringing links being removed, 70% within 1 working day.
  • Notice and takedown – Automated notices issued to over 600 sites to ensure links are reported and removed as quick as we find them
  • Search engine delisting – making it harder for users to find sites via search engines and replacing the infringing results with legal links
  • Regular reporting – Keeping you up to date on what is found and how the service is working to protect your IP
  • Mobile Game Mod tracking - There has been an increase in websites that solely make available modified versions of existing mobile games. These modified versions bypass the in-app purchase mechanism to offer unlimited credit and power-ups free of charge

Free for Ukie members

Overseen by one of the country’s leading IP experts, Mo Ali, the services include a combination of education, technology and tacking IP infringement at its source.

The services are available to for free to all Ukie members. Businesses who are not Ukie members can also pay to use the tools that they need to increase online IP protection.

To sign up or find out more please contact Mo

Ukie Portal

For more information please reach out to Mo.

Delivering real results to games businesses

The service is already delivering real value to games businesses:

Kiss, who had over 20,000 infringing links removed by the service. Dave Clark, Head of Marketing at Kiss, said, "As a publisher who specialises in games developed by small independent studios, we witness first-hand the impact of IP piracy has on their revenues. There appears to be a perception that such activity has little to no impact on such developers - we can categorically state it does. Ukie's IP monitoring service has proved to be invaluable to Kiss and our partners and is something we would urge the wider industry to embrace".

Managing Partner of TinyBuild, Luke Burtis, is also convinced of the benefits: “We found that one of our titles had been downloaded illegally more than 1.6 million times before Ukie reached out to help us stop the activity with their new IP monitoring services. Ukie’s scanning tool has been really effective at removing these illegal links finding over 3,000 links and we’re now using it to protect all of our titles.  We would recommend using Ukie’s IP service to protect your business from illegal downloads, as it really does help.”