Ukie membership Terms & Conditions

  • All information requested on this form remains in confidence between the officers of Ukie and individual members. No access is allowed to individual membership applications by any other than the designated officers.
  • All applications will be subject to approval by the Ukie Board. The Ukie Articles of Association detail the full terms and conditions of membership by which the applicant will be bound. These are available on request.
  • Members can terminate their membership at any time by writing to the Commercial Manager. The termination date will be ninety days from the end of month that the termination notice is issued. Membership fees will still be applicable for the 90 day termination period.
  • Subscription rates are based upon the relevant turnover of the member for the most recently completed accounting year.  Relevant turnover comprises sales (including licence fees received) from trading in the UK. 
  • Subscriptions must be paid for in sterling and in advance (either quarterly by standing order or annually). All subscriptions are liable for VAT and VAT invoices will be issued upon receipt of relevant monies.


The signatory to this application agrees to:

  • observe and abide by Paragraphs 1 to 7 of the Code of Practice of the Video Standards Council.
  • observe and abide by the Code of Advertising Practice (full copy available upon request)