UKIE Policy Paper - Response to Ofcom site blocking Review

 In 2009, the UK was the largest games market in Europe, the Middle East and Africa and the third in the world after the US and Japan.  In recent years the Internet has played a vital role for our industry and has been the main driver in the rapid growth and development of online games.  The 2010 Digital Entertainment Survey found that 47% of people play online games on a console and 60% play online games on a PC.  Not only has online game play increased in the last year, but among 15-24 year olds playing games online is now more popular than downloading music or watching films online.  All the popularly available game console systems connect to and interact with the Internet and most games today include an Internet-related aspect. 

The videogame industry now offers more new, innovative ways for consumers to experience its products online than any other industry.  However, the realities of the digital online environment are that pirated content has become more readily available and easier to download. The unwelcome development and growth of online piracy is a major hindrance and discouragement to the provision or take-up of online videogame services, as well as being highly damaging to traditional physical goods business models.

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