Ukie represents the UK games industry in front of the government’s Culture, Media and Sport (CMS) Select Committee

We today highlighted the issues facing the UK games sector as part of the CMS Committee's inquiry into Support for the creative economy.

Speaking to the CMS Committee today, Ukie CEO Dr Jo Twist outlined the importance of the UK’s games sector to the overall UK economy. She praised the government for supporting the industry in granting tax relief and for introducing computer science on to the National Curriculum but said that there was more that could be done to help maximize the potential of the games industry in this country.

Jo took the opportunity to talk the Committee through key areas that affect the games sector: emphasising the unique business models and technical solutions that the industry uses that help protect IP but also the challenges that it faces with IP such as cloning; she explained the sector-leading work that the industry takes to protect consumers through age ratings, parental controls and education initiatives; and discussed how government can help to implement new innovative ways of raising finance such as crowdfunding. She also highlighted the need for new games clusters around the country to be supported, and for the government to help in providing better information on the size and spread of the industry, from the smallest developers to the biggest multinationals.

It was agreed that Ukie had good working relationships with senior politicians (having met three Cabinet Ministers in the last three months) and with all the key government departments (DCMS, BIS, DfE, HMT, HMRC, UKTI and Number 10). However, Ukie said that there was now no better time to be shouting about the opportunities presented by the games sector and asked in particular that government should give more help in promoting the content, people and services that the UK games industry offers to investors in this country and overseas.

Speaking of today’s evidence session, Ukie CEO Dr Jo Twist said: “The games sector is the fastest growing of the creative industries with its own exciting and unique ways of creating content and making money. It is also a great example of how the UK can become a world leading digital marketplace for all digital and creative content. We’ve got tax breaks and improvements being made to the skills pipeline now we need government’s help to introduce further innovative policies that can support our sector and for politicians and government departments to help promote the creative content and services that the UK games sector can offer to investors at home and abroad. I was glad to be there representing a coherent and united voice with our brilliant Vice Chair Ian Livingstone CBE, and our TIGA colleagues.”

The full session can be watched here from 11:37:35