Ukie Student Conference: London 2019

Ukie Student Conference Talks 

For ease of access we have decided to upload all of the talk videos from London 2019 onto this page. This was an incredible conference with some very insightful talks. 

#1: Kim Parker Adcock, OPM - Job Hunting in Games

Kim Parker Adcock, Managing Director - OPM

Kim talks about job hunting in games and getting the basics right.

#2: Louise O'Connor, RARE - Gaming Industry Survival

Louise O'Connor, Executive Producer - RARE

Louise gives a survival guide on the gaming industry.

#3: Chris Filip - Alternatives for Joining the Gaming Industry

Chris Filip, Founder - Game Anglia 


Chris talks about alternatives for joining the gaming industry.

#4: Nick Duncombe, Playground Games - Head of Recruitment

Nick Duncombe, Head of Recruitment - Playground Games

Nick talks about Playground Games and the gaming industry.

#5: Chris Knowles, Jagex - Cross Team Collaboration

Chris Knowles, Senior Engine Developer - Jagex

Chris talks about the importance of working well with others.

#6: Olliver Heins - Boss Mode

Olliver Heins, CEO & Founder - Boss Mode

Olliver talks about his experiences as a CEO & Founder at Boss Mode.

#7: Gerda, Gram Games - Game Design

Gerda, Game Designer - Gram Games 

Gerda talks about being a game designer.

#8: Tom Hawkins & Dom Starr - Creative Assembly

Tom Hawkins, Lead Content Producer & Dom Starr, Senior Designer - Creative Assembly

Tom & Dom talk about Creative Assembly.

#9: Jemma Harris - Games Producer

Jemma Harris, Games Producer

Jemma talks about her journey to becoming a games producer.

#10: Jon Tilbury, NSE - Leveraging the Social Power of Gaming

Jon Tilbury, Director - National Student Esports

Jon talks about leveraging the social power of gaming through competition.