Ukie Student Game Jam: Need To Know

So you're in the Ukie Student Game Jam - now what do you need to know? Here is a quick Q&A to help you, now that the game jam is just around the corner!


9:30am Monday 4th April - midnight Tuesday 5th April.


Located at your campus! Speak to your course leader if you don't have a location yet.

Who is sponsoring?

The Ukie Student Game Jam is proudly sponsored by Games London and Square Enix Collective. Huge thank you to both for their generous support!

Who is mentoring me?

You will have been paired with an industry mentor - and your course leaders have been cc'd in all emails to and from each mentor. Mentors will either be in person (when possible) or remotely (via Skype, phone etc.)

How do we get the theme?

The theme will be announced at 9:30am on Monday via a YouTube video which will be sent to all participants, as well as on our Twitter and Facebook pages.

What do we win?

We have three trophies up for grabs:

  • First place
  • Second place
  • Accessibility award
  • 'Mentor of the Universe' award 

When will the winner be announced?

The winning team, second place, accessibility award and Mentor of the Universe award will all be announced on Wednesday 13th April via press release, social media, and email.

Who is judging me?

The judging panel will be:

  • Dr Jo Twist, CEO of Ukie
  • Gina Jackson, Managing Director of NextGen Skills Academy
  • Ian Hamilton, accessibility specialist
  • The Games London team

How are we being judged?

The judging criteria is:

​1) Concept – How well does it match the theme?
2) Playability - Is it fun and challenging enough to play?
3) Visual impression - Does the art style suit the game?
4) Narrative - Does the game's story work and flow?
5) Replayability - Is it compelling and does it have high replay value?
6) Soundtrack - Does the audio fit the game?
7) Creativity - How creative and unique is the game?
8) Accessibility - How accessible is it to gamers with hearing, vision, cognitive or motor impairments?

For more information on accessibility, click here.

How do we submit our games?

All games need to be submitted by midnight on April 5th at the very latest - please email Jenny if you are having difficulty!

Please submit your game via wetransfer / dropbox / any other file sharing service to

How do we get our trophy?

The winning team will be invited to the Ukie offices to take photos of them with their trophy (if travel is possible).

All other trophies will be posted to the proud recipients - please Tweet plenty of photos!

How do we pick the Mentor of the Universe?

You will be emailed a list of questions about your mentor after the game jam has ended. You will need to get your answers back to Jenny by 5pm on Monday 11th April. We will then award the Mentor of the Universe alongside the winners of the game jam.

How many people are participating?

This is our biggest game jam ever, with 19 competing teams from 12 institutes!

Is there a hashtag?

Yes! Tweet your progress throughout the game jam to @UkieStudents using the hashtag #UkieGameJam

When will the pizza arrive?!

Thanks to Games London and Square Enix Collective, pizza and drinks will be delivered to your location at 6pm on Monday and Tuesday.

What do I do if I have any problems / questions?

Please get in touch with Jenny, who will be available throughout the entire game jam. If you can't upload your game to dropbox, if you're having trouble getting in touch with your mentor, if your pizza delivery is late, anything at all - please let us know as soon as possible!

Anything else?

Email Jenny! We will be on call throughout the entire game jam via email and Twitter.