Ukie Student Game Jam Winners Collect their trophies

Ukie congratulated 3 winning teams for winning the fourth annual Ukie Student Game Jam 2017 by presenting them with their trophies. The 3 teams won prizes for "Best Game", "Best Concept" and the "Accessibility Award".

This year's game jam was sponsored by Criterion Games, Gram Games and Unity. The Jam ran from the 17th - 19th May. 22 teams from Ukie's student membership competed against each other to create a winning game in 48 hours, using the theme 'empowerment'.

'Best Game' was won by 5 students called 'A Jam Gem' from NFTS Shane Hou, Daisy Fernandez, Michael Murray, Gracie Drake and Joel Marshall. Their game 'My body My Choice' is a quirky tale of a skeleton who has no body to attend a party. The player must create their own body from bones found about the environment which leads to some hilarious outcomes.

Best Concept was awarded to "The Senate" 6 Students from the University of Chester, Connor Ellis, Lewis Williams, Taylor Collins, Lewis Waddle, George Evans, Jack Partridge. Their game 'Legion' is a puzzle platformer where you must reunite with you team members to build yourself up and reach higher levels. 

The Accessibility Award was won for the second time in a row by a team from Brunel University "Studio 170" The team of 4 students Andrew Merrick, Lara Coulson, Kaneez Abbas and Milo Bygrave created 'Enlighten" a game where you must collect the light from within a frightening forest to bring the trees back to life. Accessibility expert said "

'Mentor of the Universe' trophy was awarded to Byron Atkinson Jones from Xiotech Studios for going above and beyond for the teams at Westminster University. 

Ukie would like to thank all of the Sponsors, Mentors and Prize givers for helping bring this Game Jam together.