UpperRoom Games

About the Studio

Founded by Danny Negus and Rob Fenemore UpperRoom Games has grown out of a friendship and passion for creating video games. We are now a team of 4 with an extended team of advisers and support!

We are currently working on our first video game release Wavey the Rocket. We have spent years doing game jams, creating prototypes and honing our skills and now we are ready for a commercial release.

We want to create and deliver games that inspire a younger generation whilst appealing to the seasoned gamers. 

Wavey The Rocket

Play as Wavey the Rocket as he tries to stop the moon from being destroyed by an evil corporation that removes fizz from soda! A precision side scroller like no other, it's hand-crafted and set to some seriously funky hip hop.

Platform: PC

Website: https://www.waveytherocket.com/

Main Contact: Martyn Johnston (Director)

Looking to speak with: Press 

Reach out to Leon@ukie.org.uk for an introduction.