Standard contracts

Harbottle & Lewis

When you’re setting up a games business for the first time, it’s easy to feel that there are a million and one things that you need get done, none of which are anything to do with actually making a game.

Whilst each games business is unique there are some standard things that most will need to consider, not least getting contracts in place for the various activities that you’ll be undertaking.

That’s why Ukie, through the Developer Sub Group, has worked with legal firm and Ukie member Harbottle & Lewis to produce a series of standard templates created specifically for games businesses, to give you a starting point when drafting your own contracts.

How to use these standard contracts

  • They have been drafted as simple starting points for you to use when drafting your contracts and do not constitute legal advice from Harbottle & Lewis or Ukie.
  • You’ll therefore need to change the document to fit your requirements – where possible we’ve highlighted where some of the main changes will be needed.
  • If you make significant changes to the documents you should speak to a lawyer. 
  • If you want further advice on any of the standard contracts, please get in touch with Alan Moss from Harbottle & Lewis. 

Ukie also produces a range of free guides and need to knows for games businesses, including three new ones covering Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS), Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS) and a key issues list for Shareholders Agreements, that can be found here.


Ukie standard contract template - Contributor Release - Voiceover, Dubbing, Revoicing

08 April 2020