Funding For Games Businesses

02 October 2014

All businesses need to secure finance to facilitate business growth. This Access to Finance event has been sponsored by Pollen Capital, and will focus on the different ways to fund your games business. This is a free event and is open to members and non-members.

Pollen gives app developers faster access to revenues they’ve already earned from the app stores, by paying out for app store sales within 7 days instead of the usual 30-60 days. These funds can be channelled back into user acquisition immediately, meaning that the app or game is funding its own user growth, and developers are less reliant on self-funding or venture capital to grow user numbers. 

Hear from Pollen about how they support businesses as well as other speakers, plus a panel of people who have been through the process of funding their business.

From 3 - 4:15, speakers will include:

-Richard Skaife from Pollen. Richard Skaife is a Director and Co Founder of Pollen and he will touch on new funding routes and explain how Velocity Capital can be used to grow your app revenues and expedite your growth curve. 

-Alvaro Alvarez from Initial Capital. Alvaro will discuss his tips for approaching VC, covering what he would look for in an emerging app or games company.

-Matthew Wiggins from JiggeryPokery. Matthew will talk about his business journey from starting up Wonderland in 2009, through being acquired by Zynga in 2011, and now starting Jiggery Pokery. He will cover the funding options that he’s encountered, and explain the decisions made in funding Jiggery Pokery.

-Alex Chapman from Sheridans. Sheridans is the company who acted in the recent sale of Mojang, and Alex will be discussing the alternative ways to fund your game.

From 4:15 - 5, there will be a panel of speakers discussing their different experiences of funding their business, and the pros and cons of these options. Panellists include Patrick Timoney from Improbable, Harry Holmwood from Marvelous and Chris Kempt from Kempt Ltd.

Drinks 5 - 6.

Sign up to attend this FREE event at Ukie, the trade body for the video game industry.



Ukie, 21-27 Lambs Conduit Street, London, WC1N 3NL


2nd October 2014






Beers 5-6pm