Digital Shoreditch

11 May 2015 to 24 May 2015

Digital Shoreditch Festival is a two week mass-community celebration, inviting the entire world of tech, creative and all their converging industries, from around the world to East London between 11th – 24th May!

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Digital Shoreditch





11 May - 24 May 2015

Main Programme [11th-15th May]

A jam-packed programme of events ranging from keynotes, lightning talks, workshops, discussions, panels, debates, fireside chats, experimental installations and SO much more!! Hosting Keynotes, talks, workshops, discussions, panels and debates!


Just about everyone! No seriously. From big brand names, to designers, advertisers to musicians, entrepreneurs to investors, film-makers to developers, marketing mammoths, to social enterprises, blue-chips to startups…we could go on! DS15 has got it all and everyone is welcome – so what are you waiting for?

Premier Events

Not only confined to the Town Hall, there’s a whole programme of Premier events happening in and around the local area. From bringing together figure heads of the car industry – no mean feat – to exploring the future of neuro-gastronomy; and bagging yourself a (business) blind date to experiencing some VR musical performances – there are loads of exciting (and experimental) events occurring all throughout 11th-15th May.

Open House Programme [16th-24th May]

This is where we fully hand it over to you guys – because if anyone knows how to throw an awesome event, it’s the DS community! Made up of leading creative agencies, artists, investors, emerging start-ups, developers and SO much more; it’s in this week that you’ll find studios, hotels, cinemas, co-working spaces throwing their doors open wide and inviting the DS audience in.


Who doesn’t love a good party? Well DS certainly loves a good party! We’ve teamed up with some awesome partners to provide epic cosmic parties, as well as having a host of DS15 music acts and some DS exclusive screenings because sometimes you just want to kick back and relax! Well look no further, we’ve got you covered…

…The Unexpected

It is a creative community after all, so who knows what awesome occurrences will be going on over the two weeks! Always be prepared we say, for any unexpected adventures, because let’s face it, they’re often the most fun! We’ve heard about secret speaking gigs (sshh don’t tell), food meets tech culinary experiences, and flashmob fondue parties…

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