Ukie Developer Sub Group meeting

16 July 2015

The Ukie Developer sub group meets regularly to shape government policy, deliver new activity and services that all developers will benefit from, share best practices and solve challenges that all developers are facing. 



The Craft Beer Company, 22-23 Upper North Street, Brighton, BN1 3FG


16 July 2015





The next Ukie Developer Sub Group meeting is being held (near the Develop Conference) at The Craft Beer Company pub in Brighton at 4pm on Thursday 16 July

Agenda for Dev Sub Group meeting:

  • Developer Group manifesto – clearly defining the Sub-Group’s objectives, as the voice of Ukie’s eighty developer members to the Ukie Board
  • Developer activity programme – what events, training courses and resources should Ukie be providing for UK developers
  • Protecting your content online – how you can track your IP and stop other people making it available illegally
  • Video Games – A Blueprint for Growth Report – a first look at a new Ukie report that will outline what the games industry’s calls to government are for the next year