How to make the most of Gamescom - Tips from industry insiders

22 July 2015

Get practical advice on Gamescom, the British Stand, the German market, and insider tips by European Developer / Publisher Kalypso on how to deal successfully with the major players. Register here.

Webinar Schedule: 

Miriam Ducke - Senior Trade Adviser 

German Market Overview & Gamescom 2015 Inside 
Boris Lehfeld - Senior Manager Public Events 
BIU e.V. 
• Stats, major players 
• Why to attend Gamescom & highlights 
• Not to miss and insider / organiser tips 

German Games Industry: Now and Beyond 
Simon Hellwig - Co-Founder 
Kalypso Media Group 
Deeper insights of the German Games Industry and how to deal successfully with the major players 

What does the British stand offer to British companies at Gamescom?
Jenny Brammall - Stand Manager for the Ukie stand at Gamescom

Q & A 

Target Group: 
UK Developers and Publishers in the Gaming Industry and the wider Creative Industries.