Unfold: Virtual Reality Taster Workshop

22 September 2015

Crossover Labs have teamed up with Popathon to bring you Unfold, a great introduction to creating VR environments using tech that you already own.

Want to learn how to take photos on your phone and use them to create an environment in Virtual Reality? Stroll with us and capture a slice of London with the camera you already have in your pocket and take your first steps towards a project in VR.

• Learn what photogrammetry is
• Take part in a hands-on workshop using photo-scanning software
• Put it into practice by going out and capturing reality in 3D
• Create your own 3D models of objects and buildings

• Get introduced to the VR storytelling landscape
• Make friends with Unity and learn how to manipulate objects in 3D
• Build a scene to support a narrative
• Immerse your audience in your creation through a VR headset

• No prior technical or graphics experience needed
• Digital camera or phone able to take sharp pictures and a cable to transfer photos to your laptop
• Laptop (Windows/Mac/Linux)

Register for this event here.