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15 October 2015

No fluff. No dumbing down. No press invites. No sales pitches. Just a gathering of experts who have lots to gain by helping each other out.

Join your fellow developers alongside hardware vendors with GameBench while we bridge the gap between hardware and software. The event will have a focus on optimisation, app promotion, and building relationships within the mobile ecosystem.

This is a win-win situation. To benefit, all you need to do is turn up, listen to a few of our speakers, have a drink and say hello.

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GameBench will also be unveiling a new addition to its performance profiling toolkit, which will allow developers to rapidly measure and compare frame rates and other crucial metrics on Android and iOS side-by-side.

Confirmed Speakers/Panelists

  • ARM - Nizar Romdhane, Director of Ecosystem
  • Samsung Mobile - Jungwoo Kim, Sr. Engineer
  • Microsoft - Lee Stott, Tech Evangelist
  • AMD - Richard Huddy, Chief Gaming Scientist
  • Nvidia - Paul Hodgson, Developer Technology Software Manager
  • Imagination Technologies - Joe Davis, Lead Developer Technology Engineer
  • Marmalade - Nick Smith, Developer Relations
  • Google - Shanee Nisry, Developer Advocate
  • Facebook - Kumar Rangarajan, Engineering Manager
  • Unity - Thomas Petersen, Director of QA
  • Freefly VR - Jonathan Tustain, Founder
  • Parity Group - Adrian Leu, Head of Innovation
  • Thumbstar - Gareth Edmondson, CEO

Tentative Agenda

Round table topics:

Morning session: Does game performance even matter on mobile?

Panelists from Samsung, Microsoft, Imagination, AMD and Marmalade, hosted by Sharif Sakr, will debate whether casual games will continue to dominate mobile for the foreseeable future; whether mobile hardware capabilities will come to matter more or less; and what (if anything) the mobile gaming industry can learn from the evolution of PC and console gaming.

Afternoon session: Game optimisation basics -- what chip, device and platform makers are doing to make life easier for game devs

Panelists from NVIDIA, ARM, Google, Facebook and Unity, hosted by Sri Iyer, will be challenged to explain what practical help they can offer to game developers who are struggling to guarantee optimal performance across the diverse hardware ecosystem. This practical help will span vendor tools and support, middleware (OS and engine) tools , plus standards and APIs.

Workshop presentations:
To be announced on September 2015
General themes for the day:

Developers and testing:

How can developers balance visual quality, performance, power to get maximum user impact?

What input can hardware vendors and platform providers take from developers to build more 'usable' hardware rather than 'highly capable' hardware?

Mobile game testing is becoming challenging. How can developers optimize and get their games out with least defects and cost effectively?

Hardware vendors:

Can hardware vendors help developers showcase 'good performance' to attract gaming enthusiasts?

How to utilize the increasing performance capabilities of top end devices while managing game compatibility across the Android and iOS ecosystem. Can developers win at optimizing their game for maximum user impact?

Developer education and tools:

What is the right level of education developers need on hardware (GPU capabilities, compression techniques, post processing effects etc) or should this knowledge be abstracted away so developers can rely on good out-of-the-box performance?

Are there tools developers should use to quickly optimize games across platforms?

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