Opportunities for the games industry from blockchain, ICO and cryptocurrencies

04 December 2017

Supported by our friends at Reality Gaming Group

The games industry is an early adopter of new technological innovation. The opportunities presented by cryptocurrencies (digital or virtual currency), blockchain (verified transactions of bitcoin) and ICO (Initial Coin Offering as a source of fundraising) for games developers and publishers are numerous - but often misunderstood.

Reality Clash



Ukie, 21 - 27 Lamb's Conduit Street, London, WC1N 3NL


04 December 2017





This event, hosted by Ukie - the trade association for interactive entertainment and games and supported by our friends at Reality Gaming Group, brings together the latest thinking on digital currencies and the opportunities they present to games businesses.

Hear from experts in this field, network with other businesses and then stay on after the event for a social beer and frivolity as part of the Ukie friends Christmas drinks.

Speakers include

Tony Pearce, Reality Clash; ICOs What the hell and why? Should my games company get involved? The good, the bad and the ugly around running an ICO

Mark Hogarth, UK Games Fund; How blockchain can help creative teams manage IP ownership

Alan Moss, Harbottle & Lewis; Legal considerations around cryptocurrencies, blockchain and ICO


This event is brought to you thanks to our sponsor Reality Clash

Reality Clash is an augmented reality, first person shooter combat game available on iPhone and Android - think Pokemon Go with guns!

Featuring revolutionary gameplay, geo map technology and trading tools, Reality Clash uses the phone’s camera to present an augmented reality picture on the screen, complete with real world buildings that have an impact on gameplay!