PC Connects London

21 January 2019 to 22 January 2019

The PC games industry is booming right now, kicking around $33 billion into the global market this year alone. Yet the next 12 months could be its most important and exciting ever, as all parts of the industry – from retail and distribution to development technology and core business models – face up to potential disruption and pivot points.

 The PC Connects show in London is a conference focused squarely on addressing these issues, and it’s going to be huuuge! It’s a core part of the UK’s biggest b2b games show, in fact, connecting 2,500 developers, publishers, investors and services, and generally helping everyone in the industry thrive. Alongside PG Connects and Blockchain Gamer Connects, it’ll host talks, panels, meeting zones, fringe activities and endless ways to connect both during the day and after hours. So whether you’re looking for money, development talent, publishing partners, insight into the latest trends, or inspiration... you’ll be sure to find it. 2019 is the year that everything changes for PC developers, and PC Connects London is where you’ll hear about it – first.

The PC conference boasts 50 top speakers in five conference tracks covering everything from technical talks to marketing and discovery. Come and meet the likes of Cyberpunk developer CD Projekt RED, UK games industry pioneer Sir Ian Livingstone CBE, Jagex Partners, Sega studios Sports Interactive and Creative Assembly, data giants Newzoo, blockchain-powered PC games storefront Robot Cache, mobile-turned-PC MOBA specialist Super Evil Megacorp and London-based indie games publisher Curve Digital. There are still more big-name speakers yet to come so keep your eyes peeled for announcements.

Suffice to say we think you should come along and are going to make it super easy!

Firstly, PC Connects tickets are a bargain at the moment here. 

Also, there are still ways to get in for free! Join the PC Indie Pitch and show your in-progress game to press and pundits, or win a developer table in the expo area. See here.

The event takes place at The Brewery in the City of London, near the Barbican. More information can be found here, along with speaker and schedule information.