Mind Training for Business Leaders and Teams; Reduce Stress, Build Resilience, Boost Performance

31 January 2019 to 24 November 2019

The Mind Fitness programme is effective for organisations putting in place first-time strategies around resilience and better mental health. It is equally effective when tailored to supplement and enhance existing provision. The programme is preventative, giving teams tools and techniques to keep feeling and working better, and so works well in conjunction with mental first-aid and remedial support.


Course fees include a consultation to fully establish your training requirements and the comprehensive delegate Workbook. Bespoke sessions and training / follow up coaching are also available. 

Location: We work throughout the UK, Ireland and overseas. Courses can take place at your offices or a location to suit. We typically work with groups of 20 to 30.

Date: Please contact Leon to organise a date at your convenience. 

Course duration: 09:00 

Finish: 17:00

Price: £2000 + VAT - Full Day (Group booking) 

Half day courses available upon request too. 

Once booked on the course Ukie will connect Andy who runs the course. 

Booking information:

  • To contact and book please email Leon.

  • Your booking is taken as confirmation and no refunds will be issued.
  • This course can only be booked for a group - We typically work with groups of 20 to 30.
  • In a case were the course does not run you will be issued a refund.

The Course

Mind Fitness is a powerful and highly effective one day training workshop and six week follow-up programme. It is designed for businesses to enable your workforce to live and work at their full potential.

They will learn how to:

  • Build resilience
  • Manage stress
  • Identify and control emotional triggers
  • Embrace change
  • Develop better, more effective relationships.
  • Boost Performance

Participants receive their own Workbook at the beginning of the day and complete key sections so that it becomes a personal roadmap to guide continued change. Additionally, the Workbook contains a 6 week programme with exercises that take only 10-15 minutes a day. By the end of the 6 weeks the changes become embedded into new ways of thinking and daily routines. This ensures that the organisation continues to derive benefit from an increasingly ‘mind fit’ and effective workforce.

How we work 

How we work - Mind Fitness helps people to get out of their own way by uniquely combining Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Mindfulness to create an accessible and thoroughly enjoyable hands-on learning experience.

The collective backgrounds of the team bring together cognitive coaching, business management and theatre, and we have employed all three to create the Mind Fitness programme. Every session is designed to be informative, practical, interactive and fun. Each segment of the programme is immediately applied through an exercise that reinforces the learning and deepens the understanding.

We unlock a fascinating process of self-discovery and personal development that will build confidence and engagement and help your workforce to achieve their potential. They will learn techniques to manage stress and anxiety and boost emotional intelligence. They will understand the facts about positive and negative stress, the neuroscience behind change, the value of reflection through mindfulness practice, and how to re-focus unhealthy negative emotions and thinking errors.

The Mind Fitness book UNLOCK YOU, published by Pearson, comes out in December.

Why be Mind Fit?

The UK Health and Safety Executive report that over 11 million working days are lost each year due to stress and stress-related illness. The recently published Thriving At Work report commissioned by the UK Government, calculates that the financial cost of poor mental health to British business is £42b per year, however it also states that the return on investment in supporting mental health in the workplace yields a ten fold benefit to the business. 

These are compelling reasons to support your workforce in addressing the causes of unhealthy stress and poor mental health that may be impacting performance in your organisation. Mind Fitness can help.

We leave your workforce with the tools they need to make permanent change

From one session there can be a step-change in the effectiveness of your organisation. A workforce that is more focused and more motivated are more productive and more responsive to change.


‘From my perspective there are two main benefits with Mind Fitness. Firstly, it’s an effective programme that uses neuroscience to improve performance. Secondly it gives a whole range of techniques that staff can use to reduce stress and build resilience. We clearly need to look after the mental health or our workforce. Mind Fitness brings together ethics and the bottom line. An employee that is Mind Fit will be more positive and motivated, and will inevitably contribute more to the business.’ David Gold – Chairman - Gold Group International / West Ham United Football Club

“I can’t tell you how positive the feedback has been from our Mind Fitness workshop. In supervision sessions, all participants mentioned how useful they found the training and how pleased they were that we were considering mental health and wellbeing. I’ve had a positive reaction from 100% of people who have given feedback. Thanks so much for a really empowering, thought provoking and helpful day.” Victoria Goody - Chief Executive - Us in a Bus

‘The workshop was fantastic, with truly life-changing concepts and expertly presented.’ Kate Flowers - CEO - Co-Opera Co

Please see our website for more testimonials - www.mindfitness.training