#Include 2019

21 March 2019

Don’t sit at home or work feeling sorry for yourself while everyone else is at that other game development conference in San Francisco. Ignore their tweets about what a great time they are having – because you can too!

Come and join us at UKIE’s headquarters in London for a whole day's conference (or as we call it: a Great Day of Chats!) for the left-behind and make *them* jealous! We’ve got a great day of talks lined up for you from these speakers:

  • Des Gayle
  • Florencia Minuzzi
  • Marcia Deakin
  • Mark Drew
  • Richard Lord
  • Alex Darby
  • Megan Fox
  • Cliff Harris

The tickets cost £5 forstudents and £10 for everybody else. All proceeds will go to GamesAid, the fantastic UK games industry charity that supports Children’s charities. Drinks and snacks are kindly being sponsored by Mark Drew's CMD Studio.

Click here to purchase you tickets.