How to export video games to China

28 March 2019

The Chinese games market is the largest in the world, valued at over USD 28bn. But despite the terrific opportunity it can be a difficult market to navigate with local laws, Government influence and consumer tastes all needing to be understood before a successful market entrance can take place.

This event 'How to export video games to China' looks at all of the opportunities and challenges of reaching this fascinating market.

Talks will help you to understand -

  • The social, political and geography of the Chinese games market
  • The key companies, platforms and market structure
  • Government and IP regulations
  • Eating the Chinese way - lunch in a Chinese restaurant (yes really!)
  • UK case studies and shared experiences
  • Plans for the Ukie trade mission to China Joy

Speakers include -

  • China Britan Business Council
  • Tencent
  • UK studios

This is a free event, registration is required.

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