FREE Voice Content Masterclass

Sharing insights into evolving methods and solutions to the challenges faced by teams that hire and record actors to bring their games to life. These are distilled lessons learned from 23 years and 1,000 titles for producing better results, liberating creativity, saving time and money, reducing stress and learning from the mistakes of others.

Structure: This free masterclass will involve a presentation with audience participation lasting around 40~ minutes. A round table discussion will then follow. 

Is this right for me? The wider the audience the better. Script writers, animators, designers, producers and the audio team are the core beneficiaries. However, it is developers that have an inspired and unified vision from the CEO down to the junior audio grunt that produce the best voice content.


• Managing complexity

• QA what, when and why

• Assets and asset management

• Script prep and management


• Casting best practice

• Best practice for recording and performance

• Dealing with classically trained actors and celebrities

Audio • Studio technology, practices mic and methods

• Managing loudness and mastering

• Asset management and QA

The masterclass is for developers producing games with voice content, games with characters that speak or make noise, games with stories and narrative.

Location: Ukie, Black bull Yard, 24-28 Hatton Wall, EC1N 8JH

Date: 7th May 2019

Start: 3:30PM

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Contact Leon for more information. 

This masterclass can also be group booked by members for free at their own offices.


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