Lessons from 5 Decades of Game Development

06 November 2019

The Oliver Twins have been making games since they were at school in the early 80s.

They’ve had a wild ride at the top of the UK Games Development scene since ’85, producing more 8 bits game that anyone in the world.

They set up Blitz Games and it grew it to one of the largest UK game developers producing over 150 games across most consoles.

They set-up Radiant Worlds to produce a persistent MMOG, and recently sold that studio to Rebellion.

They are now running Game Dragons as consultants and investors in another very interesting game coming next year.

They’d like to tell you their story in a fun, inspiring style with many important lessons packed in.”

This is a rare opportunity to hear directly from Game Developers, who’ve been there, seen it and done it! Not to be missed.

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