Realised Realities Masterclass: Interactive Storytelling and the Immersive Revolution

12 November 2019

Storytelling is experiencing a revolution and—like with all communication revolutions in the past—the emergence of new immersive mediums like MR and VR can and will change the way stories are told. While classical linear storytelling structures have been explored for millennia, being able to successfully build a satisfying narrative around the actions and interactions of the audience is a new challenge area being faced today by many writers, designers and developers.

The Masterclass

In this Masterclass, Jed Ashforth from Realised Realities, former Immersive Experience Specialist at PlayStation, author of Sony’s VR best practice guidelines and one of the creators of PlayStation®VR, will explore the potential and pitfalls of interactive storytelling in 2019 and beyond, providing delegates with a deep understanding of the space and arming them with pragmatic techniques and approaches that can be used to successfully integrate audience choices and actions into your narratives.

This course is suitable for all senior creatives, writers and developers looking to expand their understanding and utilisation of interactive choices within their narratives. The course leans into many of the challenges and opportunities presented by immersive technologies such as VR, MR and AR, in addition to looking at traditional 2D media and interactive location-based experiences. 
The content of this 1 Day course will include -

Origins : A primer on classical storytelling structures, and how interactivity has always been a force influencing linear narratives throughout history.

Backstories : What learnings we have from decades of prior art in this space, and how they have tackled the various challenge areas that Interactive Storytelling has presented to them, illustrated by plenty of fascinating examples (both successes and failures).

Motivations : Looking at what we want to achieve from interactive narratives from both creative and business standpoints. Examining what kind of interactivity audiences really want, and how much. An essential step in identifying the right solutions.

The Trials : A deep dive into the fundamental challenges that interactivity and audience choice place on your storytelling approaches. Charting the different types of interactivity and their effects on both narrative and development overheads. Understanding the hurdles ahead, and what’s needed for overcoming them.

The Ultimate Boon : Opening new gateways through Immersive Technologies and exploring the additional opportunities and challenges they provide. New innovations and approaches explored, highlighting interesting recent work in VR, MR and Location-based experiences. 

Call to Adventure : Looking forward to new technologies on the horizon, scouting out the treasures they hold and the dangers they present, and some thoughts on how to best prepare for the journey.  

Stories around the Campfire – An opportunity for group discussion to round out the day; share your stories, ask questions and seek out the best advice from Jed and the other course delegates. Marshmallows-on-sticks optional.


We actively want to target your pain points during the day, and we’d love to learn from you and any work you’ve been involved with and experiences you’ve had as well, so come prepared with any problems, examples or challenge areas you’re happy to discuss with the group!
It goes without saying that it’s going to be an interactive course given the subject matter. The day will include several short workshop sessions where delegates will learn to apply their newfound knowledge to several real-life case studies, to see if they can identify viable routes to solving the example problems, and to ensure they take away a good understanding of the risks and possibilities of different approaches to interactive narrative which they can apply to help guide and inform their own projects. 


 we’ll give you full notes to take away at the end of the day! We’re perfectly happy for you to sit back, learn a bunch of fascinating new things and enjoy the course on the day in the knowledge that all your notes have already been taken for you! 
Delegates will receive a package of documents covering all aspects of the course, including full notes and links to take away with them. Plenty of info to dig deeper and research further when you return back to the real world.
The course aims to be two-way and collaborative, with plenty of opportunities to ask questions or raise points throughout the day, and for us to gauge your understanding. 
Also, you may find yourself laughing at some of Jed’s jokes and anecdotes, apologies in advance! 

Details and Price

• 1-Day Course (8 hours including breaks)

• Non-member price: £350 + VAT Per person 

• UKIE-member price: £250 + VAT Per person 

• Block book the course for your company: £2,000 + VAT 

• A minimum of 8 attendees are required to run the course.

• A maximum of 16 attendees can be accommodated per course.

• Please contact Leon for more details and to book. 
*Your booking is taken as confirmation and no refunds will be issued*
8 people required to run the course. In a case where the course does not run you will be issued a refund.