Introduction to Connect: How to drive game revenue

16 January 2020


Understand how the loyalty platform Pointvoucher can help game developers increase retention and engagement by giving users real-life products for spending time playing through a super simple yet powerful meta-game feature. Learn how to integrate it in a flexible way and give feedback on the product. Pointvoucher is a new and Free offering to the game development community that is very different from what’s else in the market.


• (30 min) Check-in & Networking

• (30 min) Presenting Pointvoucher & Demo

• (30 min) Q&A session & Feedback

• (30 min) Networking

• Thanks

About Pointvoucher

Pointvoucher provides a loyalty platform that enables users to earn real-life rewards for spending time playing games. The company used to be a game developer using this feature in own games but has shifted towards developing the platform and is now offering this to 3rd party game and app developers. It has been proven that it effectively increases retention and engagement and indirectly have an effect on the life-time value on the users. The company is based in London and Copenhagen.

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