GAME:UP Feb is a fab time for a Gaming Analytics Meet

06 February 2020

It has been a while since the last one and we've got 3 great talks lined up. Running order tbd, but with 3 talks we're looking to start as close after 19:00 as we can, as every there will be drinks and pizza. 

Title: Soft Launches and Hard Data
By: Fred Easey (Space Ape Games)

This presentation will explore how our thinking and approach to soft-launching games has evolved over time. From taking a game to global launch, games we've killed + why and how to spot a hit game.

Fred Easey is Head of Analytics at London-based mobile developer Space Ape Games.
He has worked in gaming analytics for over 10 years, with previous roles at EA Playfish, Plumbee and Betfair.
He is a lifelong gaming nerd, armchair cricket fan and occasional karaoke singer.


Title: 'Tips and Tricks for Designing and Managing Game Economies'
By: Jak Marshall (ElectricSquare)

The economy of your game is what you players interact with every time they play your game. It’s the economy that creates and fulfils your players' desires so keeping it well balanced is key to maintaining engagement over time, and creating monetisation opportunities. This talk is aimed at everyone who would like to have a better handle on this all important aspect of live ops game design

I'm a Data Analyst at Electric Square, I've been in the games industry for 5 years, and have a PhD in Stats and Management from Lancaster Uni


Title: 'Clustering algorithms to discover different deck archetypes'
By: Miguel Naranjo (Mediatonic)

In Gears Pop, our players pick 8 units to bring to the battle from a pool of more than 50 different units to face other players around the world. In a game with millions of battles, how can we extract useful information about deck archetypes from those picks?
In this talk we will discuss different unsupervised algorithms approaches, which one works better according to our data and knowledge of the game, and how we can communicate our insights effectively to the team to improve the player experience and game balance.

I'm a Data Scientist at Mediatonic, working in the video game industry for 2 years, I have a master in Data Science & Machine Learning. 

More information and registration here.