GamesAid Mental Health Jam

17 February 2020

In the last couple of years, awareness of mental health has been increased. However, there’s still lots of work to do. In the workplace, mental health illnesses still not recognized the same as physical illnesses and the talk still being difficult for many people. With this game jam, we'd want to keep the conversation and encourage games around this important topic. Help us, please! 

The GamesAid Mental Health Jam is here from the 17th - 23rd of February! This exiting games jam is here to raise awareness and help people with mental health problems. Anyone can enter this game jam and there is no specified theme. If you are don't wish to join the game jam you can still help by spreading awareness of its existance; for sharing on social media use the hashtag #GamesAidMHJam.

If you wish to sign up and join the game jam please click the link here