Film London Labs: The Future is in Your Phone

25 February 2020

In today’s shifting technological terrain, the ways we engage with, watch and critique creative work change by the day. It’s a game of how to gain eyeballs and influence people, and this event will explore just that: through new modes of creation, how can we centre audiences in the emotional experience through new modes of storytelling on existing mobile platforms and beyond?

In your forays as a creator, if you’ve ever been impressed by the creative simplicity of the “Be Beyonce’s assistant” game on Twitter, the possibilities represented by ‘real-time’ ‘show’ SKAM or just generally interested in engaging with audiences through the digital rectangle most often found in everyone’s hands, this Lab’s for you.

Charlie Shackleton’s State of the Nation: ‘Cinema’ in the Digital Age

Charlie Shackleton is a BIFA-winning filmmaker, sometimes critic and one third of Loop. Since his earlier features Beyond Clueless (2014) and Fear Itself (2015) — dealing with the ‘teen movie’ and the horror genre, respectively, through a dizzying use of archive — Charlie has been a keen observer of culture and how we engage with it, an interest he now brings to his meditations on the future of film.

With a recent video essay on our relationship to TikTok and a work at Sundance exploring the relationship between film and VR, in this session Charlie will explore all the varied ways we tell stories in 2020, and the challenges that come with capturing attention on social platforms — the future is friendly, on screens big and small.

Electric Noir on Dead Man’s Phone and Mobile Episodic Storytelling

Nihal Tharoor and Benedict Tatham are film people, who started interactive entertainment studio Electric Noir in 2017. Since then, they’ve been developing a mobile-first storytelling platform, in an attempt to reflect how traditional moving image content has changed in a world where everyone lives on a smartphone. We’ll learn more about their flagship series Dead Man's Phone – where you, the detective, investigate and solve murders through the smartphone of victims. In this session, Nihal and Benedict will unpack their insights into interactive filmmaking for mobile and explore narrative opportunities unique to this medium.

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