#AutisticaPlay: Autism and the Games Industry

03 April 2020

Last year during World Autism Awareness Week (WAAW) Autistica Play held its first event at the BFI as part of the London Games Festival Fringe. Join us this time online for a digital live event on the 3rd April, one year on and see how far Autistica Play has come.

This afternoon livestream is aimed at people working in the video games industry understanding autism, neurodiversity in and around the games industry as well as a look at challenges, solutions and resources in this current climate. What that means for employers and employees, your stakeholders and the players.

  • What is #AutisticaPlay and how can you support them.
  • What it’s like working in the games industry if you are neurodiverse.
  • How you can support your employees
  • Playing and discussing the video games people have made during the #AutisticaPlayjam (remote and relaxed gamejam based on autism research themes)

*Due to current events and the continual changes happening, the below details may change, but please know there will be a digital event taking place on the 3rd April and we look forward to seeing you online!

1.30pm - Stream starts

  • Jake Mackey - #AutisticaPlay 1 year on
  • Anna Mansi - BFI Certification unit intro

2:00pm - Introduction to Autistica, WAAW 2020 and DARE talk

  • Jon Spiers, CEO – Autistica, intro to Autistica and WAAW 2020

2pm - 2:30pm - Dr. Brett Heasman, DARE and statistics on neurodiveristy in the games industry

2:30 - 3:15pm - comfort break and relaxed play with audience Q&A

3:15pm - Panel discussion: ‘Autism and the Games Industry: Celebrating and Supporting Neurodiversity’

  • Moderator: Des Gayle, GamesAid Chair & Production Manager at Fellow Traveller
  • Dr. Brett Heasman, Autistica - DARE
  • Dominic Shaw, UKIE and Author of 'Diversity isnt only skin deep' and UKIE office manager
  • Helen Carmichael, Indie Developer, Grey Alien Games
  • Jade Hall-Smith, Indie developer, Variegated games

4pm - Panel Q&A session

4:15pm - highlight on resources available and Q&A on Covid-19 challenges

4.30pm - 6pm – AutististicaPlayJam - what is AutisticaPlayJam, why is it important? + gameplay and shortlist announcement

  • Chris Filip - Payload Studios
  • Jake Mackey - Autistica Play

6pm stream ends

More details here