Getting started with the Videogame Ambassador programme

08 July 2020

Learn how the Videogame Ambassador (VGA) programme can improve your staff's access to exciting community opportunities throughout the UK

This session is intended for games industry leaders, professional staff or HR/People professionals in the sector.

We will be giving attendees a quick overview of what's possible on the new VGA platform, including; instant reporting to see hours volunteered by your team; search features to find opportunities that would suit your staff; and easy ways to track feedback.

The VGA network connects hundreds of UK games indusrty staff to high quality educational opportunities. From game jams and careers day talks to masterclasses and mentorship, it is the easiest way to help proffessionals inspire the next generation of games sector staff.

Built by UKIE and Into Games, the VGA was relaunched in March of this year. with a brand new digital platform that gave VGA's their own private dashboard, letting them browse opportunities and register feedback. This system also allows studios to set up internal volunteer programmes they can report on, all for free.

This Zoom session will outline more details about the VGA, how to get involved, what kinds of opportunities exist and give a brief overview of the platform and it's functionality.

Date And Time

  • Wed, 8 July 2020
  • 14:00 – 14:45 BST

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